1.1 Geographical relief

This is a low flat area. General height is between 10 to 30 meters from the sea level

1.2  Drainage pattern

There is no clear drainage pattern and usually drainage occurs through the small canals which flow through the fields in low lands which are less than 20 meters height. Clear drainage occurs through the canals which are situated across the paddy fields in the middle of the area and ultimately these canals join to the Diyawanna lake in the north west of the area.

1.3 Soil

From the middle of the area to the low lands below 20 meters to the north west and small area below 20 meters near Boralasgamuwa lake contain muddy soil. Rest of the area contains red and yellow pedawasalick soil

1.4   Mineral resources

There are no clearly identified mineral resources in this area.

1.5   Weather

This area belongs to low country wet zone and the main characteristic of the weather is well distributed heavy rain fall. Usually this area receives more than 2500mm rain fall. Although there is well distributed rain fall there are two periods which receive heavy rain fall in a year. They are from May to August (South west monsoon) and October to November (inter monsoon). This area has a high temperature. Usual annual temperature is 27C.

1.6  Natural flora

As this is a populated area there is no forest which can be considered as natural flora. There are several agricultural crops such as coconut rubber and paddy which are not considered as natural flora among them paddy cultivation is the prominent one.

1.7  Land consumption

Table 1.7.1: Land consumption & Gound cover in divisional secretariat Maharagama

Land consumption/ Ground cover


Percentage of total area %

Developed land( Land covered by building,Residential Areas, Industrial Areas, Urban services)



Agricultural Lands

Home gardens















Water resources



Other land (Rocky Areasශ, Barren Land, Sandy mountains, Beaches,etc.)



Total land area




The important characteristics of land consumption in Maharagama divisional secretariat is devoting 96% of the total land to buildings,home gardens and paddy cultivation.1.84% of the total area is covered by marsh,futile land and water resources.

(A)  Land under construction (including buildings and roads)

Because of high population and rapid urbanization in the secretariat division 1769 Hectare has been used for houses, roads and other buildings and it is 46.39% of the total area of the division.

  1. B) Agricultural lands

Home gardens are the most important sections under this. Reason for this is as these lands are situated away from Maharagama town and roads, they show rural characteristics and considered as home gardens. According to that 1395 Hectare of the total area is considered as home gardens and it is 36.58% of the total area.

Beside this the next important section under agricultural land is the land used for paddy cultivation.510 Hectare is used for it and it is 13.38% of the total area. 6 Hectare is used for coconut and 14 Hectare is used of rubber cultivation. According to that 50.46% of the total area in the divisional secretariat is considered as agricultural lands. 

C.) Forest- Can’t be found in this area

D.) Scrubs- Can’t be found in this area

E.)Grass lands - Can’t be found in this area

F.) Mars

There is only a very small area of marsh. It is nearly 46 Hectare 1.21% of the total area of land.

H.) Water resources

24 Hectare area comes under this. Specially Boralasgamuwa Lake.

2.0 Street List of Maharagama Divisional Secretariat Division

Kalalgoda 493

Hokandara road, Ranawaka watta, Kalalgoda, Menikwatta, Gramodaya avenue, Meemanagoda road, Isuru avenue, Weera avenue, Darmayathana road, Parakum avenue

Thalawathugoda west 493A

Pannipitiya road, Madiwela road, Weli road, Prithipura, Ekamuthu avenue, School avenue, Temple road, Godagahawatta road, Bogahawatta road, Bodiraja avenue

Thalawathugoda east 493B

Pannipitiya road, Kalalgoda road, Uthuwankanda road, Jothikarama road, Hokandara road, Shanthipura,Siripura,Samagipura,Diklandwatta,Ruhunupura,Weerasekara avenue,Dolalandawatta,Weragala place, Araliya garden

Kottawa south 496

Part of Malabe road,part of Athurugiriya road, Meththarama road,Kulasewana road,Ranasingha avenue, Part of Rukmale road,Henawatta road

Kottawa East 496A

Rukmale road, Malabe road,Liyanagoda road,Horahena road, Sirimal gardens

Kottawa north 496B

Horana road, Athurugiriya road, Rukmale road, High Level road, Bogahavila road, Samanpura road, Borella road, Temple road, Makumbura road.

Kottawa North 496C

Hokandara road, Hokandara road 1st lane, Hokandara road 2nd lane, Delgahawatta road, Delgahawatta road 2nd lane, Barodawatta,John Perera watta,Heenpanvila road,Athapaththuwatta,Pragathipura, Perera avenue, Joronis Kanaththa road,Weera Preschool avenue.

Liyanagoda 496E

Rukmale road, Liyanagoda road, Millagahawatta road, Hokandara road, Malabe road

Rukmale west 497

Part of Athurugiriya  road, part of Wekada road, Vidyala road, Nadudeniya road, Horahena road, Nugemulla, Part of Malabe road, Balika niwasa road

Rukmale East A-497A

Temple road, New town, School lane, Thaldiyawala road, Walgama road, Athurugiriya road

Rukmale East B-497B

Athurugiriya road, Wekada road, Wijayapura, roads of Rukmalgama housing scheme

Malapalla East 498

Asiri avenue, Nilupul garden, part of galabadawatta, Mendis Wijesingha avenue, part of Wekada road,Parakrama avenue,1st lane,2nd lane,3rd lane,4th lane, Nugagahalanda place

Makumbura north 498A

High Level road, Hospital road, Galabadawatta(Mihindu avenue), Makumbura road, Sirilak avenue, Samagi avenue, Temple road, Nidahas avenue, Shanthi avenue, Maya avenue

Malapalla west 498 B

Part of Athurugiriya road, Galawila road,Sri Sudarshanarama road, Kosgahawatta road, Samanala avenue, Railway road, Sarabumi Avenue,Keenagahawatta,1st lane,2nd lane, Ranjith Ranasingha avenue

Makumbura south 498C

D.D.Kulathunga avenue, Thoronwatta road, High Level road

Mirihana North 523

Rajamahavihara avenue, Gamini avenue, Mahasen avenue, Perakum avenue, part of Thalawathugoda road, Sudarman avenue, Samagi avenue, Kurunduwatta road,Wijithapura, quinlan avenue, Jayanthi avenue, Mihindu avenue, Buwanekaba avenue, Senadilankaragama, Pitavella road

Mirihana south 523A

Galwala road,1st lane of Galwala road, 2nd lane of Galwala road, Ekwatta road, Gallage avenue, Millagahawatta road, Buwanekaba avenue, Kanaththa road, 1st lane of Kanaththa road, Kanaththa watta, Weerasekara avenue, Mirihana road, Rajamahavihara  road, Muththettuwa road, Mahawatta road, Mahawaththa avenue, Raja avenue, Jubili avenue, Niwanthipura 11step, Niwanthipura 111step, Old kottawa road, Kotte road

Madiwela 524

Madiwela road, Subadra avenue, Darmapala avenue, Wijaya place, Thalawathugoda road, Darmarathna avenue, Obahena road, Gramodaya avenue, Sigera road, Jaya avenue, Mandala place, Thalapathpitiya road, Daham avenue, Sumudu avenue, Suhada avenue, Gamage avenue

Pragathipura 524A

Rahula pura upper, Rahulapura down, Welsiripura, Pragathipura

Gangodawila South 526B

Rubberwatta road, Rubber watta road 1st lane, Rubber watta road 2nd lane, Abagahawatta road, Meegahawatta road, Old kesbawa road, Wanatha road 2nd lane, Wanatha road(D.L.Pathirage avenue),Wanatha road 3rd lane,Manel avenue,Wela road, Andiris avenue, Meda road, Soratha avenue, Part of High Level road,Mahawatta road


Sri Soratha avenue,Kapuwatta, Sri Soratha place , High Level road, School avenue, Galhena road

Jambugasmulla 526D

Old Kesbewa road, Papiliyana road, Walawwatta road, Udyana road, Jambugasmulla avenue,1st lane of Jambugasmulla avenue, 2nd lane of Jambugasmulla avenue, 3rd lane of Jambugasmulla avenue, 4th lane of Jambugasmulla avenue,5th lane of Jambugasmulla avenue,6th lane of Jambugasmulla avenue,7th lane of Jambugasmulla avenue,8th lane of Jambugasmulla avenue,9th lane of Jambugasmulla avenue,Wekanda road,Thisaragama(Maddumagewaththa housing scheme),Kekulawala place, Cyril de Silva avenue,Flower lane,Manchanayaka waththa,,Dias place,dostharawaththa

Thalapathpitiya 525

Kanaththa road, 1st lane of Kanaththa road, 2nd lane of Kanaththa road, 3rd lane of Kanaththa road, coóperative avenue,Mihindu avenue, Kurunda avenue, Koraneris avenue, Gramasanwardana avenue,Anura avenue, Delgahawatta lane.Chandraloka avenue,Sigera avenue,Delgahawatta road,Thalapathpitiya road, Chandravimala avenue, 5th lane

Udahamulla East - 525 A

Part of Madiwela road, Bodiya road, Madiwela road, Shalawa road, 1st lane of Shalawa road,Vijitharama road, Mahawatta road, part of Thalapathpitiya road, Old Kottawa road, Shalawa road-Ceylinco housing

Udahamulla west-525B

Part of the Old Kottawa road, Udenwaththa road, Kasagahawatte road, Embuldeniya Lane, Jaya road, Diyakadahena road,Kumbukgaha Pkuna road, Amarathunga Avenue,Galelinda road ,Vetakeyyawala road, Samagi road, Thalapathpitiya road

Nawinna 524

Sri Devananda road,Nawinna Railway road, Wata avenue, Wijerama Lane, Rajamahavihara road, Rajamahavihara Lane, Welyaya Road, Sucharitha avenue, Janatha Road, Bandaradeniya lane, part of Navinna Old Kottawa Road, Colombo Road (part of the High Level Road)

Pathiragoda 527A

Part of Colombo road, Part of Old Kottawa road, Nagahawatta road, Janatha avenue, Samaja road, Maya avenue, Pathiragoda road, Jayagath road, Old Kottawa road, Samagi avenue, Nalandarama road, Wiharawatta road, Wela road

Maharagama East 527B

Pamunuwa road, Eksath Subasadaka avenue, Vanatha road, Jayanthi lane, Jayanthi avenue, Batadomba road

Maharagama west 527C

Colombo road, Old kottawa road,Nagahawatta road, Railway road, Pamunuwa road, School avenue

Depanama 529A

Borella road,Part of Kendahena watta road,Araliya garden,Samagi avenue(Dikhena road),Chinagahakotunna road(Dewramvihara road),Part of Grama sanwardana road, Annasikotuwa road, Temple road, Dewala road ,Weera road, Part of Polwatte road, Circular road of Weera avenue, 3rd lane of Weera avenue, 2nd lane of Weera avenue(Moonamal place), Delgahawatta road, Cemetery road

Maharagama Town 530

High Level road-left, High Level road-right,Old road, Library Avenue, Mahamegawatta road, Mahamega Place, Dehiwala Road, Weerakeatiya Road, Village Road, Village Lane, Arawwala Road, Railway Road, Temple Road, Maharagama Cross Road, Pamunuwa Road, Ananda Maithree Mawatha, 1st lane of Ananda Maithree avenue, 2nd lane of Ananda Maithree avenue

Pannipitiya North-531

Old road,Borella road,Railway road, Mahawatta road,Kanaththa road,Kandahena watta. Eksath avenue,Kanaththa road,Pragathi avenue, Railway cross lane

Pamunuwa 528

Patiragoda, Pamunuwa Road, Polwatte Road, Dewala road, Part of Eksath avenue, Dewala road, Dewala road,Temple lane, New Hospital road, Sucharithodaya Road

Dambahena 528A

Dambahena road,Saman garden,Granberg place,Dimitiyagahawaththa,Temple road,Temple lane,Pamunuwa road, Railway avenue

Polwatta 529

Polwatte Road, Polwatte Pamunuwa Road-left-right, Grama sanwardana Road, Doowawatte Road 01, Doowawatte Road 02, 1st Lane of Grama Sanwardana Road, 2nd lane of Grama Sanwardana road, Araliya garden 6th lane, Araliya garden 6A lane, Araliya garden 6B lane, Araliya garden 7th lane, Araliya garden 8th lane, Araliya garden 9th lane, Araliya garden 9A lane, Araliya garden 9B lane, Araliya garden 10 lane, Araliya garden 12 lane, Circular Road of Araliya garden, Dambahena Road, Bomaluwa Garden Road, Bodi Raja avenue

Pannipitiya South 531A

New Road, Old Road, Sethsiri Place, Kadawatha road, Arewwala Road

Godigamuwa North 532
Sri Vajirarama Road, Piliyandala Road, Nallawatta Road, Hospital Road, Daham avenue,Part of lake road,Katuwawala Road, Nugagahawatta Road, Ambagahapura First Lane, Ambagahapura second lane, Ambagahapura third lane, Ambagahapura Fourth Lane, Ambagahapura Road Fifth Avenue, Ambagahapura Road 1st Avenue, 2nd Avenue Ambagahapura road

Godigamuwa South 532A

Mangala Avenue, Shiromani Avenue, part of the Piliyandala Road, Yahampath Avenue, Jaya Avenue, Nandana garden, Neelammhara Road, Saadu Avenue, Meegahawatta Lane

Godigamuwa South B -532 B

Part of Piliyandala Road, Piliyandala Road 1st Lane, Piliyandala Road Lane 2, Piliyandala Road Lane 3, Part of Nallawatta Road, Nallawatta Road (Mahawatte Lane), Nallawatta Road (Mahawatta Lane 2nd Lane), Nallawatta Road (Mahawatta Lane3), Daham Avenue, Cancer hospital quarters Road, Katuwawala Road, part of the Neelammahara Road, Weediyabandara Avenue, Saddarmarama Vihara Road,  Kohilakotuwa road , Tappawatta Road, Henegedara road, Hene gedara Lane 1, Hene gedara lane2, Daham Mawatha, Daham Mawatha 1st Lane, Daham Mawatha 2nd Lane, Daham Mawatha 3rd Lane


Part of Lake Road, Watte gedara road, Isipathana Road, Purana road, Elhena Road, Suramya Avenue, High Level Road, part of Dehiwala Road, Batadombagahawatta Lane, Parakum Avenue, Vidyakara Avenue, Colombo Road, Janatha Road, Gramodaya Avenue, Samagipura Road, Lake Road (Watte gedara), Samagipura Avenue, Vijaya Avenue, Gemunu Avenue, Mihindu Mawatha 1st Lane, Wattegedara Road 1st Lane

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