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How to get to Maharagama Divisional Secretariat

  • • When coming from the Maharagama clock tower Maharagama divisional secretariat is situated on the right side of National water supply and drainage board and close to filling station on 119/192 Dehiwala Maharagama bus root.

Inquiry about Grama Niladari divisional numbers

• Grama Niladari numbers are available for 41 Grama Niladari Divisions.
• See the Grama Niladari divisions web page to find Grama niladari numbers

Should the business owner be present when registering business names?

• It is compulsory that the business owner should be present with his national identity card


Social welfare section

How to get Rs. 20,000 / = Nutrition Allowance for Pregnant mothers

• An application could be obtained from the Early Childhood Development Officer of the Divisional Secretariat relevant to the clinic attended prior to3months of pregnancy or officer in charge of programme or maternity clinic

{ slider Who can obtain educational allownces?|closed}
• If the child's father is dead or disabled or ailing from incurable disease school going children can obtain bursaries.

How to register an NGO?

• The NGO’s which exceed one year of registration are registered after submitting relevant documents.

What are the eligibility requirements to obtain allowance for senior citizen?

• More than 70 years of age on the date of application
• Family income is Rs. 3000 or less

Either only wife or husband can apply

Registrar Division

how to get a copy of Birth, Marriage, or Death Certificate?

•If the number and date of the birth ,marriage or death certificate is known 100 rupees is needed
• If the number and date of a birth marriage or death certificate is not known 200 rupees should be paid to the Divisional secretariat office to get a copy of them.
• A certificate can be obtained from the Maharagama Divisional Secretariat only if a birth, marriage or death occurred in the Colombo District.

Copies of colombo district birth,marriage and death certificates from October 2016 to 2018 to date are not scanned
•Maharagma Divisional secretariat can isse Birth, Marriage and Death certificates relevant to it

how a birth can be registered?

• Generally birth should be registered within three months of birth by meeting the relevant divisional registrar for birth registration.
• Additional District Registrar should be met to get the birth registration if three months have passed after birth

Pension branch

How to obtain a widows' & orphans pension after the death of a civilian pensioner

• Obtaining the death certificate of the pensioner and terminating the pension.
• If there is extra money sent a letter to bank obtain it
• Then inform the relevant person to bring the following documents.
Original Death Certificate of the pensioner
o Widow's Original Birth Certificate
Original marriage Certificate
A photocopy of the widow's bank book
o Photocopy of the Widow's Identity Card
o PD4 form
Affidavit if there are changes in names
o A photocopy of a widow orphan card or a widow orphan number
Certificate of color passport certified by the Grama Niladari
o All photocopies of the above documents should be certified by the Grama Niladari.
• After submitting relevant information make a file and arrange for the preraration of a widow's orphans' pension.

why pensioners' pension has been terminated?

• termination of pension due to not submitting the life certificate for the relevant year.
• leaving the country without submitting the Life Certificate

  • • When the pensioners comes issue him a life certificate and ask to bring it certified by Grama Nladari
    • After submitting life certificate update the pension.

why the pension is not paid to the heirs after the death of the widow?

• Explain that there is no legal provision to pay the heirs the salary or arrears entitle to a person who had right to widow and orphans pensions after the death of a widow.

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