Administrative Division

Administration division

Energies the organization structure through satisfied staff in order to render optimum service

Main functions

1. Presidential fund aids

2. Issuing of Registration of National Identity Card.

3. Issuing of Countersigning of Grama Niladary Certification.

4. Issuing of Pawning License.

5. issuing of liquor License.

6. Issuing of Timber Transport License.

7. Issuing of Animal Transport License

8. Issuing of Income/ Valuation Certification.

9. Issuing of Conductor License

10. Preparing Reports about Dependents.

11. Maintenance and updating of staff employee’s personal files.

12. Duties relating to office employee’s appointments, transfers, promotions and retirements.

13. Recommendation of salary increments after performance appraisals

14. Loan advances of office employees

15. Management of daily postal.

16. All matters related to leaves

17. Maintenance and cleaning matters of buildings, security affairs , Maintenance of office equipment’s, Settlements of water and electricity bills.

18. Maintenance of office vehicles

19. Management of annual training requirements

20. Issuing of Railway warrants / Holiday railway warrants.

21. Agrahara insurance matters

22. Adult aid/Education aid/Leprosy aid/Disable aid

23. Business registration,Amendments,stopage

24. Rural development matters

25. Recommendation of Mahapola student aid

26. Officers travelling, overtime, Pre and post programmes

27. Updating Archives

28. Receiving GN reports

29 Coordination of Dengi programmes

30. ​Examination of electrical connection protest

31. Public relation unit affairs

32. Sending of National Identity card applications to the department(One day service/General service)

33. GN reports related to national Identy card applications submissions to the department

34. Issuing of school admission applications and related matters

35. Revision of Election voters list and election matters

Planning Division

Planning division

Strengthening the divisional sustainable development

Main functions

  • 1. Document affairs
  • 2. Construction projects
  • 3. Procument of goods project implementation
  • 4. Functions of divisional coordination comity meeting
  • 5. Functions of agricultural comitee meeting
  • 6. Updating resource profile
  • 7. Updating and maintenance operation unit

Accounts Division

Accounts division

Implement and maintain financial transaction system to achieve the overall objectives in Divisional Secretariat

Main functions

  • 1. All the activities related to payments
  • 2. Procumbent matters
  • 3. All the matters related to payments
  • 4. Assets management
  • 5. Handling Audit queries
  • 6. Preparing financial statements
  • 7. Issuing of vehicle licenses

Registrar Division

Registrar Division

Registration of Marriages, Births and Deaths, issue of certified copies at request and the preservation of such documents for assisting the populace to secure their rights.

Main functions

  • 1. Birth,Marriage,Death certified copies
  • 2. Registration of delayed births
  • 3. Issuing of asumed aid certificates
  • 4. Amendment of 2nd line of the birth certificate under 27th section.
  • 5. ​Amendment of birth certificate columns 4,6,7,8,9 under section ​27 (අ)
  • 6. Amendment of birth certificate or death certificate under section 52(1)
  • 7. Registration of marriages
  • 8. E-Civil registration
  • 9. Scrutinization of certificate
  • 10. Sending of secondary copies and bio data report monthly to central archives and department of registrar general
  • 11. Issuing of documents to the registrars and Grama Niladharis
  • 12. ​Preparation of quoted copies and sending them to central archives
  • 13. Amendment of marriage certificates on court orders
  • 14. Re-registration of births on court orders

Pension Division

Pension Division

Execute pension policies efficiently and productively in regionally to provide active contribution to uplift and to assure wellbeing, Future protection of officers who dedicated for public services, their spouses and dependents.

Main functions

  • 1. Payment of monthly pensions to Government pensioners
  • 2. Preparation of widows' pension and monthly payment
  • 3. Payment of pensions for the orphans
  • 4. ​Issuing railway warrants for pensioners
  • 5. Payment of monthly pensions to the Armed Services Pensioners

Samurdhi Division

Samurdhi division

To identify the social issues for improvement of the income level of the low income people and to improve spiritual and moral development in the divisional secretariat area

Main functions

  • 1. Samurdhi Subsidy Program
  • 2. Social Security Program
  • 3. Samurdhi Bank Societies Program
  • 4. Livelihood Development Program
  • 5. Social Development Programs
  • 6. Implementation of international programs

land Division

Land division

Main functions

  • 1. Work under the Land Development Ordinance
  • 2. Activities relating to State Land Possession Act
  • 3. Relevant to the Land Acquisition Act
  • 4. Work under the State Land Granting Act.
  • 5. Work under the Land Settlement Order Act
  • 6. Preparation of maps for land demonstration and land consumption
  • 7. Maintains of data bank for the land for the government land and bank conservation programmes

additional functions

In addition to this offices carryout following feed functions attached to Maharagama divisional secretariat

Social welfare (field)

  • 1. Early Childhood Development
  • 2. Women development
  • 3. Cultural affairs (Central government/Provincial council)
  • 4. Probation and Child Care Services
  • 5. Foreign Employment
  • 6. Buddhist Affairs
  • 7. Counselling
  • 8. Regional Child Protection
  • 9. Community based corrections
  • 10. Disaster
  • 11. Social services(Central government/Provincial council)

Development (Field)

  • 1. Human Resources
  • 2. Skills Development
  • 3. National Integration Coordinator
  • 4. Industrial
  • 5. Youth services
  • 6. Sports
  • 7. Productivity promotion
  • 8. Statistics
  • 9. Environment
  • 10. Technical(housing)
  • 11. Narcotic prevention
  • 12. Rural development


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