Development proposals for the year 2018 (Source-: Resource Profile 2017)

493 Kalalgoda

• Concreting the remaining part of Grama Niladhari office road
• Concreting the the remaining part of eco green terrace road
• Concreting the remaining part of the Bandu Peiris road
• Construction of a “Sewa piyasa

• Construction of child and maternity clinic

493 / A Thalawathugoda West

• Complete the construction of partly built “sewa piyasa”.
• renovate old toilets near the new shopping complex at Thalawathugoda.
• Complete the partially completed library building of the Ganelanda Vihara.
• Construction of the drainage system of the school road from the presidents college to the 174 bus route.
• Complete the rest of the sand road leading to Sangamattharamaya

493 / B Thalawathugoda East

• Development of Diklandawatta Road
• Development of by-roads in the Utuwankanda road

496 Kottawa South

• Completion of the rest of the drain near Mrs. C. G. Kamala's house no 854
• develop the rest of Ranasinghe Mawatha either carpeting or tarring.
• construction of side drains and tarring the 8th lane of Kulasewana road
• Construction of a side wall of the road through paddy field that connect Kulasewana road and wihara road

496 / A Kottawa East

• Developing by road of sirimalwatta section 2

496 / B Kottawa town

• Reconstruction of culverts at the starting point for the Kottawa railway station and construction of drainage system.
• Develop by construction of side wall for “sethsiri place” road (“Wela mada" road)
• Renovation of all roads of the temple road
• Preparing a playground for child & family clinic run by the Kottawa U.S. Trade Association office
(Toy equipment)

• construction of draining system on either side of reverent Soma avenue from starting to end (Kottawa horana road)

• Construction of wash room for students in order to develop sports facilities of Ananda College, Kottawa

• Comple the construction of Malapalla Makumbura Ekamuthu welfare society hall

• Reconstruction of pre-school buildingand awasa at Kottawa Sri Punyawiwardanaramaya temple.

• Construction of 4 toilets for the primary section of Kottawa Ananda College

• Reconstruction of common well near at Korale boundary near mr.Chandrasena’s house on Mahalwara road bath wells near Koralepa near Chandrasena road in Mahalarawara

• Reconstruction of the canal near the Development Bank, Kottawaharana Road. Length 2000 feet, 2 feet, 3 feet.

• Reconstruction of a canal beneath the road leading to the other side near Sithissiri Place

• Rehabilitation of the canalflowing from the Devata road close to Sampath bank

• Reconstruction the canal flowing near the Kumukma Hotel on Highlevel Road

• Providing books for the library maintained by Kottawa samanpura donation and death donation committee

• Completion of work at “Ekamuthu” Welfare Society, Kottawa, Malapalla.

• Construction of a library for Kottawa Town

• Construction of wire mesh for class rooms primary section of in Dharmapala Vidyalaya, Pannipitiya

• laying blocks around grade 3,4 & 5 classes Ananda College, Kottawa

• Construction of a rest room for students who play in the primary section of Ananda College, Kottawa

• Renovation of drainage system near classrooms in Kottawa Dharmapala College

• Preparing media unit at Dharmapala Vidyalaya in Kottawa and install a multy media player

• Repair tile root in class rooms of Kottawa Dharmapala college

496 / C Kottawa North

• Concrete the end of “Weera” nursary lane

• Construction of side wall for the border of Botadomba watta road & canal at the base of moragahakande

• Construction about 30m of the gravel road which joins end of Delgahawatte lane & kanatha lane & construction of side wall at the border of canal

• Construction of tractor pranks through middle canal.

496 / D Kottawa West

• The rest of the work of the welfare society
• Remaining work on the Moragahakanda road
• Development of the second lane

496 / E Liyanagoda

• Development of the “Janakirana mawatha” commen well

• Construction of the Millagahagahawatte rural development society building

497 Rukemah West

497 / A Eastern Province

• Construction of “sewa piyasa” for government officers
• Development of Dambagahawaththa 3rd Lane
• Development of the 1st by road on the temple road
• Development of the second cross road to the left side of the road from Thaladiyawala to Cemetery
• Development of remaining part of the 1st cross road entering to school lane from the middle lane of new town
• Development of school lane over the cemetery
• Development of the road up to the cemetery road
• Development of two cross roads on the right side over the road entering temple road to Rukmale lane

497 / b Rukmale East

• Repairing all the damaged roads in Rukmalgama housing scheme by tarring
• Repairing the drainage system of the housing scheme
• Renovation of main road and drainage system
• Renovation of the drainage system and the culvert on Sunanda Place Road
• Expansion of consultation room for patients at child and maternity clinic in rukmalgama housing scheme (Aluminium Partition Room)
• Provide nebulizer with oxygen tank for asthma patients

498 Malapella East

• Development of 3rd lane of Galawila Road
• Completion of the 2nd floor of the Multi Purpose Center
• Development of public well in Galabadawatta
• Development of drainage system for Wakada Road (37/6/1)

498 / A, Makumbura North

• transportation problems arise due to flooding in front of house 306 / 2B on Sudarshanarama Road and provide solutions.
• section of Galabadawaththa road in front of houses 96 / 2C and 96 / 3C is submerged by water and taking necessary actions to solve it.
• The need for two Anicuts to Galawila paddy land to cultivate barren land.

498 / b Malapalla West

  • • Completion of the rest of the upstairs of the Asiri Welfare Society building
    • Provide desks to “Sri Sudarshana Dhamma” school
    • Completion of the Second Floor of the new building at Malapalla Vijayagosha Vidyalaya
    • Development of drainage system using gully to drain water at the junction where Sri Sudharshanarama lane and temple road meet.

498 / A Makumbura South

523 Mirihana North

• Construction of the Senadilankaragama Box Culvert
• Completion of the remaining work at Mirihana North sewa piyasa

523 / A Mirihana South


524 Madiwela

• Construction of mandala place road
• Construction of “Sewa piyasa”
• Construction of a toilet in the Madiwela threshing place

524 / A Pragathipura

• Construction of the side wall in front of the house no 151 on the 1st Lane of Rahulapura
• Repairing of the draine near Madhavapura stores Rahulapura

525 Thalapathpitiya

• Construction of Sewapiyasa

525 / a Udahamulla East

• Development of the Road to reach 108 Housing project at Shalawa road
• Air conditioning the computer room at Stanley Thilakaratne College
• Provide ceiling,doors,windows and wire mesh around 2 class rooms at Stanley Thilakarathne Vidyalaya
• Repair the roof of the English Room and Agriculture room. Construct glass windows instead of wire mesh covers.
• Plant herbs in flower pots and label them cover the herbal garden around and build a gate.
• Tiling the Principal’s Room, Office Room and outer verandah

525 / b Udahamulla West

• Development of Kumbukgahapokuna 1st lane and drainage system

• Development of side wall culverts in the existing canals pertaining to paddy cultivation

526 / b Gangodawila South

*Concreting about 168mof the road diverting from house number 68 on Rambutawatta road
• Construction of a medical center (in 526B Gangodawila South division)
• Repair the drain system of Wela road
• repair the left side part of the drainage system near the house number 63 on 1st lane of rubber watta road to Buddha statue

526 / C Wijerama

• WP / JA President Adhasha Primary College
• 1. construction the drainage system
• 2. Construction of a new building for the building older than 100 years
• Renavation of toilet system and building new ones
• Drawing pictures on the walls
• Construction of Remaining part of "Sewa Piyasa"
• Development of the 84/4 section of school lane and concreted section by spreading concreate blocks
• Development of by road near house number 7/26,by road near house number 7/11 , by road near house of Kapuwatta road
• Development of the by road near house number 112 of school lane by laying concreate blocks

526 / d jambugasmulla

• Construction of Sewpiyasa

• Construction of child and maternity clinic center



527 / A Pathiragoda

• Concreting by road near the house No. 66 of Jayagath road (from the end of Nalandarama Road to Jayagath road) - length 300 m, width 8 ft.
• Concreting remaining 70 feet of the by road near the house of Sujivan Palliyaguru's house at the end of 1st lane of samaja road and building the drains

• Concreting Nalandarama Road where house no 18 is situated (Maditiyagahawatta Road)

• Concreting No 15 / 2B Jayagath road from 1 st Lane near house no 15/2B to community center

• Building awasaya for the use of the monks of the Nalandaramaya Temple

• Water flowing along pathiragoda yaya pita ala meets at the box culvert and block the flowing of water from paddy fields and damage paddy cultivation. Therefore cross wall should be built to prevent it.

• Removing the culvert on the road near Nalandaramaya playground and building a box culvert insted

• Completion of the remaining work of obituary society building at pathiragoda.(Building a mesh around the hall,others)

• Concreting and the building side walls strting near house number 80 of samaja road up to culvert on wanatha road

• Concreting the bottom of the drain near the house no 22/5 on station lane of Nawinna old road and building side walls where no side walls are present

• Construction of the drainage system from concrete for Maya avenue (Maya avenue to the Janatha avenue)

• Installing grill with concrete grids to manage water at the end of the by road at the end of by road in front of Sewa piyasa on jayagath road

• Because of the light pillars built in the drains near the house no 105,109 of Jayagath road remain the garbage and prevent flowing of water.Building a proper system and installation of electric wires at a proper place.

527 / B, Maharagama

• Development of by roads in Chandana Gardens and provide light pillars for road.
• Development of the road with unfinished work near the canal which flows water in the Welfare lane.
• concreting the rest of the “Mada” canal

527 / c Maharagama west

• Construction of the playground of Buwanekaba College
• Completion of the building of Social Service Center
• Spreading stones on the ground of Buwanekaba primary college

528 Pamunuwa

• Development of Dewala road play ground in Pamunuwa

• Building a culvert where Dambahena GN division meets the end of temple lane of Dewala road

• Construction of a Sewa piyasa

• Implement a housing project for the poor people in the division

528 / dambahena

• Completion of the Gamamber Multi purpose Building
• Constructing the drainage system properly at the Manju Mawatha
• Building a Shoe Dock on the right side at the beginning of the Dambahena Road
• Cleaning of the Dambahena Yaya pita ala which begins from Sudarmarama temple to Pamunuwa with Bako

529 Polwatte

• Construction of the drainage system on the both side of Araliya uyana circular road
• Construction of the culverts at the end of the 6A and 6B lanes
• Construction of the final culvert joining 6B and 7th lane
• Completing the rest of the work in Seva Piyasa
• Reconstruction of the Common well at Grama sanwardhana Road

529 / A Depanama

530 Maharagama town

• Completetion of the rest of the work of the Maternity Clinic building at Sri chandrasekaramaya

531 Pannipitiya North

• 1st lane of pragathi lane should be developed
• Rehabilitation of Canal dams on the side of the paddy fields of Pragathi lane.
• Development of the 1st lane of the by road from Pragathi lane junction towards right side

• Construction of side walls

* Completion of the work of the Sewa Piyasa

531 / A  Pannipitiya South

• The need for a Sewa piyasa
• Renavation of culverts and drains on roads

532 Godigamuwa North

  • Concreting Nallawatte Road (connecting to the Katuwawala Road) in front of the Cancer Hospital Clinic and construction of the drainage system.
  • Concreting or tarring the 2nd Lane of Hospital road
  • Construction of a drain to prevent flooding the playground from rain water at Ambagahapura Sri Chandrarathna Manawissa Vidyalaya
  • Construction of the 2nd floor of Sudanapura community hall of hospital road to conduct maternity clinic because there isn’t maternity clinic in Godigamuwa North GN division

532 /A Godigamuwa South

• Concreting the rest of the road road in front of the bunuki hardware
• Covering the rest of the drainage system with concreate slabs at Sanasa mawatha

* Concreting the by road at the end of Meegahawatte Lane

532 / C Wattagedara







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