Samurdhi Programme

  1. 1. Providing information to collect funds for Samurdhi recipients
  2. 2. Co-Administration of Samurdhi Stamps
  3. 3. Co-Administration of Samurdhi Insurance Scheme
  4. 4. Co-Administration of Samurdhi Lottery
  5. 5. Co-Administration of Samurdhi Projects

Instructions on samurdhi stamps

Transfer of Samurdhi grants

When a Samurdhi recipient changes his/her permanent residence from one division to another he/she should get his /her Samurdhi grant transferred to the new divisional secretariat.

Document needed:-

  1. Letter of request forwarded by the Samurdhi recipient requesting transfer of Samurdhi allowance
  2. Letter pertaining to transfer of Samurdhi grant certified by the Samurdhi officer of the last G.N division where he obtained his last Samurdhi grant & recommended by relevant divisional manager
  3. Membership form of social security fund
  4. Identification survey form for low income recipients of 2015
  5. Document to prove permanent residence in the new G.N division (G.N certificate)
  6. Letter issued by the Divineguma Development officer in the present G.N division (Not compulsory)

Samurdhi development officer of the resided G.N division should forward the above documents to the relevant divisional secretariat of the G.N division and it should be forwarded to the new divisional secretariat with the recommendation of the divisional secretary.

Death of Samurdhi recipient

If Samurdhi recipient is dead it should be informed to the Samurdhi development officer at the relevant G.N division. If the Samurdhi bank account is still on the name of dead person it should be amended.

Increase the income of Samurdhi household

Samurdhi is a project to uplift the low income families if a member of a Samurdhi recipient family receives a government employment, & foreign employment, improvement of business or increase the income because of any other reason, it should be informed to the Samurdhi officer of the relavent G.N division and handed over the Samurdhi grant willingly or suspended the grant.

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